Date:           May 15, 2019

To:              Lake County, FL Jail Healthcare Employees

From:          Kip Hallman, CCS/CMGC President

                   Cindy Watson, Chief Operating Officer, Local Government Division

As you may know by now, Lake County Jail, FL  recently announced its intention to award the Comprehensive Medical Health Care Management and Mental Health Care Management contract for the Lake County Jail, FL CCS/CMGC, Wellpath.  As President, I want you to know that we are interested in retaining all qualified and credentialed employees for appropriate positions within the contract staffing plan. 

Our leadership team will provide a brief overview of CCS/CMGC,Wellpath and answer any questions that you may have.   

We will also be scheduling employee screenings for any staff members interested in scheduling an eligibility meeting for continued employment.  If any employee that is interested in employment with CCS/CMGC, Wellpath is not available on either of these dates other accommodations will be made on an individual basis or if you would like to go ahead and complete your profile, you can do so by clicking here.  If you would like additional information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking here. 

Once you have completed your online transition application, please click here to schedule your time to meet with our team on Tuesday the 28th or Wednesday the 29th of May.

We look forward to establishing a partnership in correctional health care excellence by working closely with the command staff at the Lake County Jail.   We realize our most important assets are our people and we are excited about the potential for each of you to become part of the team.