Welcome to Wellpath

Welcome to Wellpath! This page is for employees who are working at a facility that was recently contracted with Wellpath. Our goal is to do everything we can for your transition to Wellpath to be a smooth one.

At Wellpath, our number one priority is our patients. Our employees provide great patient care due to their passion to serve our patients and their commitment to our mission to embrace our 5 H philosophy.

There are a few things we want you to know about Wellpath:

  • We are excited to welcome the best and brightest in the healthcare industry to our company.
  • Wellpath opens the door to endless possibilities for your career. We promote from within and provide many opportunities for training and advancement.
  • We work hard to retain all incumbent qualified and properly credentialed staff.
  • Pay will remain the same or better as a result of the transition to Wellpath.
  • Full time employees are benefit eligible day one (1) of employment.

Welcome to Wellpath

Wellpath – Learn about our Culture

Wellpath – Alameda, CA Success Story

Here is what you can expect should a transition occur:

As soon as an official announcement is made, we will make arrangements to be at your facility to meet with you.

We will conduct onsite screenings / interviews at your facility.

We will quickly distribute offer of employment letters to current staff and not offer employment to outside candidates until onsite staff has all been interviewed.

We will schedule and conduct onsite orientation for which you will be paid separately from your current employer.

Our Culture Philosophy

From inception, Wellpath has adhered to a cultural philosophy we call 5-H


A desire for all personnel and management to learn, teach and grow in a team-supported environment.


A commitment to the highest level of personal and professional integrity with our partners. and our patients


A fundamental willingness to work harder and smarter in the interest of providing consistently better service to our partners and patients.


A mindset that ensures we never lose sight of our identity and our loyalty to those we serve and support.


A stress release valve that is essential for a positive, passionate attitude, and a superior quality of life at work.

We’re excited about welcoming you to Wellpath and look forward to having you on our team!